April 12, 2011

Sail to the South Pacific-day 3: water everywhere

It amazes me how land recedes to a dream-like memory when I'm at sea. 16 months in Mexico is reduced to memories I have to pull forward and examine one by one, while the ocean--as it grows alpine then later, as the wind drops, pastoral and shifts from deep midnight blue, to steely grey--is as real as anything I've ever known.

My presence is required out here. I need to be mindful of every step, every handhold. Every noise the boat makes, every shift in the wind hover at the edge of my awareness. "The boat seems happy out here. Doesn't it? The way it leaps from wave to wave." Maia said yesterday.

It seemed happy last night too--racing along in flatter seas under the moonlight. We had a boobie bird hitch a ride on our bow. I hoped it would be there in the morning--but then the seas rose and the wind followed and in the uproar of reefing sails and slapping waves our passenger flew off. Today the wind is gone again and I'm waiting for the lumpy seas to retreat. It will be slower today. I was enjoying our dash toward the trades. Watching the miles melt away. Dreaming about palm trees. But there were moments when I wanted it to last forever. When I found my rhythm so fully and felt so alive it seemed as if no life had come before and none could follow.

Seasickness still threatens for me--but day three has always been easiest for me. And we've never ventured on past day five--so we're sailing into new territory soon. I was able to cook yesterday and made lentil soup packed with fresh veggies. Today avocado is clearly going to be a big part of our diet as we have three that are way ripe. Maia will continue her start back to school today (yesterday she started a visual calendar and chart for our trip) and we'll look at establishing more of a routine.

We're still in contact with a few boats and were sad to hear Buena Vista is on their way back because of engine problems. Blue Moon is doing great though as is WGD, and all the other boats we've spoken with are enjoying our fast start (well maybe not this am's part as we all loaf along searching for wind...)

Position noon today: N 16d 50' W 111d 49'

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dennis said...

"You do not ask a tame seagull why it needs to disappear from time to time toward the open sea. It goes, that’s all"
--Barnard M.

dennis said...

Ooops -".e....."