April 30, 2011

First Impressions of Nuka Hiva

But first, some thank-yous: Journeying across an ocean is one of the most lusciously solitary pursuits I’ve ever experienced. But it’s anything but lonely and we were never really alone. First off we were part of an amazing fleet of boats, which was glued together by two daily SSB nets (and most amazingly we all made landfall within 24hrs of each other).
 Then there were the legions of friends and family who sent weather updates, inspirational quotes (and prayers!), gossip, news, encouragement and some really terrible jokes. There were also the officials in French Polynesia who offered us any assistance they could when we lost our rudder. Then there are all our readers, so many of you! And from so many amazing places… Many of you we’ve never met but we hope you will start to say hello to us in the comments and come meet us if we are in your homeland.

So, thank-you. You all made our trip richer.
Four of the boats that crossed together (including us)
 We’ve been in Nuka Hiva for a day and a half and not wandered off the main road yet. But my impressions are of flowers, and fruit, and friendly smiles. And mud, and waterfalls, and a lush humid greenness. In the days to come we’ll share what we learn about the culture and the landscape, but for now we are simply looking around and drinking it all in
Maia and the girls from Phambili and Whatcha Gonna Do
 It is amazing to be here.


sl8r said...

Congratulations on your successful ocean crossing! We read all your posts with great interest, and wonder if we could ever do the same. We are glad you are safe and sound, and look forward to hearing more of your adventures!

It is still snowing here in the mountains of interior B.C., but we are having fun in the prolonged winter.

Sara, Scot, Alexander, Christopher, and Katie.

Sara s/v Wondertime said...

We have so enjoyed following your voyage across the Pacific. Amazing journey! Congratulations on making it safely to Nuka Hiva! I am looking forward to your South Pacific stories.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Ashore and playing b-ball, that’s the resiliency of young ones. Congrats on holding it all together despite dark foamy seas and wildly buffeting winds and that blasted rudder going walk-about at an inopportune moment. Safely there amid loved ones and where you can get parts, do you think you may have time to update the “follow us virtually“ map in the right column of this gorgeous blog ?~?

Stay safe, I look forward to the South Pacific tales yet to come.

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Hey Sara (SAC&K), You guys can totally do this. And you'd have a blast. If you are not read Whatcha Gonna Do's blog too. They are also out with kids.
We did all miss skiing this year and Maia insisted she saw snow on the highest peaks here--I think it was wishful thinking. Maia says hi to Chris.

Thanks Sara (s/v Wondertime)

Thanks for the reminder, Lynda. (And a really big thanks for all the lovely comments you leave. I always enjoying hearing what you have to add!) I'm on a slow connection and google is being fussy, but I'll keep trying.