April 28, 2011

Land Ho!!!!

A smudge on the horizon. That really is what land looks like when you first spot it from sea. A bit like a mirage at first. But over the course of an hour the smudge becomes more distinct. I watched the smudge--seeing its shape take form and hold--ruling out cloud, rainstorm and squall. When I was sure, I suggested Maia put her glasses on and follow me outside. But I put my finger to my lips and asked her to look quietly. Evan was napping after a long day and night.

I pointed to a patch of dark grey against a background of medium grey and held her finger as I traced the outline. "Land!?" she whispered.

Land. At 14 UTC after nearly 19 days at sea. 19 wonderful and frightening days. 19 days that were never boring. 19 days I'll never forget we spotted Ua Huka. Land.

We watched it grow more distinct then went inside. Whispering excitement. Planning how we'd share it with Evan. Music first. Jimmy Buffet, of course. Then we waited, giggling, for him to wake up. I worried a bit that the clouds would fill in before he could see it. And gauged how fast the sky was filling with squall clouds. I wasn't worried about the squalls though--just about Evan missing this glimpse.

But he woke up and we cranked the music. Maia led him outside by the hand and pointed. Drawing the shape with his finger. Then she let loose, "Land Ho!!" Then she looked at her dad, "Are you crying?" And we wiped away each other's tears. Land. Ho.

We should get in at sunrise. Although I'm afraid to say that out loud. I'm a bit nervous about tempting the fates...

62 miles to go.
2830 miles traveled
S 08 45
w 139 07

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Bethany said...

You've never met me. I'm not even sure if I've ever commented here. But now you've got me crying too. Thanks for sharing your journey, the fear and the joy both, with all of us. I can't wait to get the "made landfall!" post and will keep holding my breath for you until I see it.

dennis said...

"La solitude qui fait mal je l’ai connue dans la foule à Paris, jamais en mer" Bernard M

boatbaby said...

Doing the happy dance over here! Yay! And that shot above of Maia pointing and the dolphin jumping is outrageous! We love you all and so happy you made it, we knew you would!