May 26, 2015

Chagos Bound

Passage making, especially uneventful light-wind hops of a few hundred miles, is kind of a pleasant punctuation between adventures. Which is better, I think, than the sailing trip being the adventure. When a passage is an adventure it's because something bad happened. But when an adventure happens on land its because something unexpected occurred.
This passage is pleasantly mundane; we've sailed and motor-sailed, we've hosted a few boobie birds a dodged a few small squalls. Mostly though we're relaxing and letting the last few memories from the Maldives sink in. We've also started to ponder exactly what we'll do with 150+ eggs...
Yup, 150. In our defense they are small eggs and considering that there are no chickens in the Maldives and all the eggs come from India or Sri Lanka there's a high percentage of bad eggs (though testing so far shows this batch of eggs is remarkably fresh...) wouldn't expect them all to be good.
150 eggs are still more eggs than we set out to buy. For the first few days in Addu City it looked like we'd be unlikely get any eggs. A week of bad weather had disrupted the already inconsistent supply chain from Male and after hitting ever shop in a two-island radius we had only found 10 eggs--which were rationed to us five at a time.
Then we were given the tip to go to the furthest island in the atoll because they often got things first. After three shops (and lots of walking in the hot sun) we were still egg less. But then the shopkeeper from one of the shops we'd visited showed up on scooter to tell us he'd found us eggs. He and Evan sped off. Shortly after Amy and I found our own eggs. Not wanting all our eggs to come from one basket (or crate) I bought backup eggs.
150 eggs... Frittatas, quiches, devilled, pickled...

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