October 8, 2010


We saw a few Whale Sharks swimming out of the Bahia de Los Angeles the other day. They are starting their mysterious migration. We think some will end up near La Paz, but scientists are still not sure if it's the BLA Whale Sharks that head to La Paz or a different group entirely. I like to imagine that the whale sharks have options, and they choose where to go next on a whim.

It's the season for migrations. On the evening net we're hearing of northern boats making their way south-they're checking in from places in California and Oregon, all are eager to make their way into Mexican waters and really begin their new lives.

Meanwhile the 40 or so boats that summered up here are dropping in number each day as they head south. Gambling that hurricane season is done and hoping to get ahead of the winter northerlies. Every time we share an anchorage with someone the questions are the same. "When will you leave? Where next?" The answers are dictated by tomorrow's weather and the seasons, but also by desire, interest and finances. So the answers vary.

Some are getting ready to cross the South Pacific-either from Mexico or the Galapagos. Others will head through the canal to the Caribbean. Still others are heading back up north. While another group will stay in Mexico-having made this their home.

The funny thing is how many boats just don't know yet. Our options for migration aren't dictated by biological need, so unlike the Whales Sharks who are probably programmed to head out of BLA and turn south for a destination only they are privy to, we turn south and human nature kicks in.

And the adventure begins.

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