October 16, 2010

Life at Walking Speed

We’ve been slowly reacclimatizing to city life. On our first day here we sat by a resort pool with the folks from Savannah and Robin from Katydid and drank beer. The next day we sorted out our Internet and I filed stories. Today we’re taking a bus into Guaymas.

A bus.

I was planning what I needed to bring with me when I realized that I haven’t ridden in a motorized land vehicle since we were in Escondido—in July. That’s two and a half months where anything we did on land was done at walking speed. And almost everywhere we travelled on the water was also at walking speed (with the odd little jog thrown in).

The thing with living life slowly is we tend to be out of synch with the rest of the world. We're living a life that’s dictated by weather and seasons and where 60 miles is a long day’s journey. When the ground it takes us months to cover by boat can be flown over in a few hours, it’s no wonder that friends and family don’t understand why we’re still in Mexico and why we can’t just sail to Australia whenever we want to.

There are moments when I wish we could just jet away and get through a passage or out of a harbour more quickly—but those moments pass (usually too slowly) and then we’re good with meandering along again. But occasionally it’s sort of fun to rush and join the fast moving world.
But when life starts speeding by in a blur it's nice knowing we’re just brief visitors there now.

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