January 10, 2010

Around San Diego

It's easy, when you're cruising, to see just about every type of hardware store or repair shop but miss out on sightseeing. There's a few reasons for this. Mostly we're so busy trying to get all our systems running so we can get to the next port while we have a weather window, that taking the time for fun can seem, well, frivolous. Then there's the expense of attractions - living a vacation lifestyle everyday is pretty unsustainable.

 Big Balloon at the Big Bay Parade

We've found what works for us is to keep a schedule not unlike we had at home. Work and school in the mornings with free (or nearly free) stuff mixed in with errands in the afternoon. We try for a few big ticket items or inland travel on the weekends (although we do mix our weeks and weekends up to take advantage of quiet days at museums).

Scenes from our day at the San Diego Zoo
In San Diego we wanted to visit the zoo (and three friendly busses later we were there visiting animals in cages - which seems so different than the way we have been seeing them) and Balboa Park. Balboa Park was built for the Panama-California Exposition to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal in 1915 and expanded for the California Pacific International Expo in 1935. The Spanish Colonial architecture makes it worth a visit alone. The museums are all nice and most only take an hour or two to see - so you can fit in a bunch in a day.

We spent a day at Balboa Park visitng some of the 15 museums and numerous gardens.
Even though exploring San Diego is fun and we're hanging out with some great people it's Mexico we keep thinking about. With the roar of planes overhead, the sound of traffic and the lights from shore I'm reminded why we're here and where it is we want to go. Wandering the busy streets feels like goodbye.

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