September 25, 2013

Sailing into Spring

I checked the blog the other morning (after a few ‘where are you?’ emails landed in my inbox) and realized it had been a while. I guess that’s what happens when life is just ordinary (in its own extraordinary way). The blooming jacarandas are reminding us we’ve been here almost two years. The crews crossing the Pacific this season are for the most part strangers to us. And the crews we crossed with? Well, their lives have moved on too.
Jacarandas-a sure sign of spring
New and old friends squeezed aboard as Maia turns 12
 September started off at full speed. After arriving back from a three week trip home I was greeted by our friends from Piko and Britannia. Both boats are up for sale and both of the crews are planning to expand their crews and rebuild their kitties stateside then set off on bigger boats again someday.

Buddy boat reunion was sweet as
watching them sail away for the last time was not
Saying goodbye to the friends we meet is the toughest part of cruising. In an ideal world we’d gather up all our favourites, synchronize our budgets and life schedules, and sail the world in company. But we can’t. So we take heart in the fact goodbyes will be followed by reunions.
Cake with schoolmates

Skating with her besties for her b-day

Maia also turned 12 this month, and surrounded by love, I’m reassured that this life is a good one for her. Looking back over her four + years aboard I’m able to let go of some of the fears I had. She’s made friends, she’s found a place for herself, she’s strong and capable and she’s happy…

September is spring for us—a time of beginning and renewal. A time to plan for what’s next.