March 29, 2016

Into the Atalntic

After six countries and nine months we’re departing Africa and heading toward South America. It will be hard to say goodbye to all the great memories—and the seal that’s been living under our boat for the past two weeks—but we’re excited about the voyage to come. We’ll get to visit St Helena and Ascension, two of the most isolated islands in the world, then make landfall in a still to be determined country in South America

At 4,400 nautical miles, our voyage across the Atlantic will cover the fewest miles of the three oceans. But we also get the fewest places to stop. So rather than spending months and months crossing an ocean—we’ll be on the other side in a matter of weeks (6-8 of them—depending on how long we stay on St Helena and Ascension).

Despite that, we’re well-provisioned. Unlike Captain Cook, who took aboard a combination of salt beef, flour, ships biscuits and wine, when he was in Cape Town, preparing to depart for St Helena, our stores are much more diverse, and contain quite a bit more fresh produce.

 We’ve been brushing up on our cabbage recipes (Rumbledethumps have been joined by Sri Lankan dry cabbage curry), tucked away some treats, and stocked up on a diverse range of tinned and dried foods. Today we’ll head off on our final fresh shop and see what the town has to offer (the day before Easter the pickings were pretty scant—so our fingers are crossed).

We’ll say goodbye to the yacht club—where Maia’s been working on her pool shark skills and we’ve been getting to know a few locals, and then explore an anchorage or two up the coast before turning more west and heading out to sea.


Jonathan said...

Did you decide not to stop at Fernando de Noronha?

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Too expensive for us--our friends on Crystal blues stopped though and like it a lot.