March 9, 2016

Easy Sailing to Namibia

Charlie the cat and I are snuggled in blankets watching the sunrise about 250 miles into our passage to Namibia. At 400 miles this will be the shortest stretch across the Atlantic (the biggie at 2400 miles will be Ascension to Suriname.)

This is also the chilliest; the water temperature in the Benguela current drops as low as 11c. We've pulled out our fleece and are bundled up for night watch. I'm grateful for our excellent visibility through our big cabin windows; this means that other than regular 360 sweeps of the horizon we spend watches inside with the cat. Its still 'Milo weather', even indoors, as an Aussie friend phrased it, but the days are so toasty we're not quite ready to commission the heater.

Waiting for our lost part meant our final days in Port Owen were easy and peaceful. It was actually a good way to start the passage. The past month was such a rush to get going, but sitting back we realize our only real deadline is the Panama Canal in October. There are a lot of unknowns between now and then; from countries we'll visit to friends we'll make.
It truly is a whole new voyage.

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Doug and Carla Scott said...

So happy that the boat yard people took such good care of you. So amazing. Looks like you are having an easy sail - always good news!