February 28, 2015

Bound for Sri Lanka-day 4

Today's stronger winds and bumpy seas have settled into smooth sailing. Usually by the 4th day passages have settled into a comfortable routine; night watch patterns are established, we've caught up on sleep and we're just enjoying the view of an endlessly changing ocean. This time though I was caught off guard by day 3 sea sickness.
Non-sailors are often surprised that long distance sailors get seasick. I have to say there are times when I really wonder why I put myself through such misery. Like most sailors who get seasick I've tried all the remedies. Some knock me out, others make me hallucinate. At best I end up feeling doped and only mildly nauseous.
The payoff always seems worth it though. Tonight we'll be hundreds of miles from land and the stars in the night sky will span from the Southern Cross to the North Star, our wake will gleam with bioluminescence and some where over the horizon there's an exotic destination we're just starting to dream about.
Nothing about getting this far is easy- but in those bright and quiet moments there's no where else I'd choose to be.

635 miles from Trincomalee

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judith said...

Have you tried the pirate eye patch for sea sickness? I've heard it works, just cover one eye.

Anonymous said...

How do you keep your boat from being stolen?

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

May the stars light your way to the next port of call. It sounds incredibly sublimely gorgeous.