July 22, 2014

Sailing Into Year Six

Today we’re celebrating our 5th cruisiversay by hiking where Captain Cook hiked. He arrived here, in the town of 1770, in you guessed it; 1770. After exploring the shore and hiking up Round hill he wrote, “In this place there is a room for a few ships to lie in great security, and a small stream of fresh water.

So here we are anchored in great security savouring where the five years have taken us, how we’ve grown and changed, and what we hope for the next few years.
Year one: BC to Mexico
A year into cruising
life was blissful
Our Second Cruisiversary was in the South Pacific
Arahoho Blowhole-Tahiti

School was the adventure of our fourth year

And our Fourth Cruisiversay was spent out on the water in Oz.

And now we sail into year six.


The Ceol Mors said...

So fun to see Maia through the years. :( She is growing into an impossibly beautiful young woman. Congrats on your anniversary and I look forward to seeing where Ceilydh takes you!

Unknown said...

I love the before and after pics at the top, very cool.

Emily said...

What a delightful recap of your five years at sea. And how fun to have the same pic at the beginning and now…very clever!

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Thanks all!