June 11, 2014

We Made Vanity Fair

I'm used to writing about other people and, at times, ourselves but being the person who is written about is a new experience. Several weeks ago I had a wonderful conversation with Greta Privitera a writer from Vanity Fair Italy. While writers and reporters in the US were up in arms over the rescue of Rebel Heart (I was interviewed for both radio and TV and felt like I needed to defend our lifestyle) Greta was simply curious about how we made our dream come true.
Six-year-old sailor

It was a lovely and refreshing conversation. I'm not sure if it was cultural--but her concern wasn't for Maia's safety, but for Maia's own dreams and happiness. How do we know boating is still the right thing for her as she grows and changes?
life aboard

I don't speak Italian and google translate is a very imperfect thing, but the parts of the story that I could read made this whole cruising thing sound incredibly cool. I sort of love Italian us:

"Quando Diane parla della sua scelta di vita, l’opinione pubblica si spacca in due: «Che famiglia fortunata» e «Ma siete pazzi?».
Diane Selkirk e suo marito, due canadesi di Vancouver, sono quel tipo di persone che come tutti avevano un sogno, ma che come quasi nessuno hanno scelto di seguirlo.
Sognavano di prendere una barca e girare il mondo, e l’hanno fatto: Messico, Costa Rica e Nicaragua, Salvador, Australia, Polinesia Francese, Stati Uniti.
Hanno solcato gli oceani in lungo e in largo, prima come coppia e poi come trio, con Maya, la loro bambina. Questa scelta di vita, e quella di altre 10 mila famiglie che in questo momento si trovano per mare, fa discutere l'opinione pubblica."

pin the sailboat on the voyage--dreams of a circumnavigation

Nineteen days without seeing land. "You would think" what a bore. " Not so. Every evening, on our catamaran, is a party. We cook special things, dance under the light of the stars and read together. In our travels we have seen thousands of whales, dolphins, sharks. We made all kinds of adventures and met people from every continent. We feel as if we are living in a 5 lives. It's a priceless feeling. "


Doug and Carla Scott said...

So wonderful that Ceilydh is famous - in different languages!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

That feeling of living in five lives?
That's why we do it. Thank you for bringing it to more and more of the world as your life is written. read and dreamed about.

Just being able to live offshore was an enriching experience nearly every day as we rose and fell with the tides and rowed with and against the winds. Our daughter learned to walk out there and to this day cannot be knocked over physically-she has that sailor's balance that can only be gained living on the water.