July 2, 2012

Is Australia Expensive - only if you're Canadian

The prices for a recent skating trip on a very wet (like 1/2" deep puddles) open air, small skating rink set up downtown.  Thankfully Di got a Groupon coupon so Maia and I skated for only $20.  That was for a 45 minute session only. But imagine if you were a family of 4 and wanted to rent an orange plastic seal for your little one- for an additional $10.

And Maple Syrup is about $7.95 for 250 mL.  But we grit our teeth and buy it anyway. It's hard to be Canadian here :)
Canada Day in Brisbane


SV Pelagia said...

Guess you could always try eucalyptus syrup? ;)


Caz said...

There is an ice rink on the south side of Brisbane :) I think the rates are considerably better than at the festival too ;) I believe it's called Ice World and is in Acacia Ridge.

I agree with you about the real maple syrup too... *sigh* the fake stuff is just not cool at all.

MargaretP said...

If you can find an Aldi store, they have "proper" Maple syrup cheaper than othr supermarkets.

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Thanks for all the fantasice tips. Except maybe the eucalyptus syrup;) We'll need to get to the other rink and find the cheaper syrup.

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Margaret--We went to Aldi and bought 3 bottles of Maple Syrup. Thanks for the tip!

MargaretP said...

AAAAHH !!!....Just read a Sams Wharehouse and Crazy clarkes catalogue and they have the Maple syrup even cheaper, Oh well it will keep , if you want to stock up.