July 3, 2011

Surfing at Anchor

surf breaking on the outside reef (see the Canada Day post to see this view on a typical day...)
The swell outside the harbour has reached almost four meters. The forcast maramu wind (a strong south wind) never materialized but the swell is crashing into the reef then rolling right on over the barrier. Inside the harbour the currents are swirling and the lumpy seas are bouncing us around. It's like being at sea in bad weather--except the wind is calm.
boat on the otherside of the reef. Inside the reef is rough but out there is??

We're trying to decide whether to stay here or look for somewhere more protected. The benifit of here is there is plenty to do onshore while mother nature does her thing. The benifit of somewhere else is calm seas. But to get there we have to go out there... And so we bounce.

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