June 29, 2011


Close your eyes and imagine your perfect tropical island:
Clear blue lagoon waters?
Soaring green peaks?
White sand beaches?
Palm trees and the scent of gardenias?
Snorkelling on pristine reefs? And hiking through lush trails?
Not too touristy with hotels dotted around the island?
Hula girls and haka dancers?
All check.
 It is stunningly pretty here and as ideal a tropical island as I’ve ever seen. No grit, no grime just flowers and lush scenery with the occasional whine of a jet ski. And while it’s not our usual digs (frankly we just can’t afford drinks at the Hilton) it is fun to hang here and play tourist.

 We’ve woven flower leis, danced on the beach, swum with sharks and stingrays. But now, with our propane gasping to provide coffee and ship’s chandleries beckoning it’s time to take a break from playing and head to the city and regroup for the next part of our journey.


Danielle said...

What does "head to the city and regroup" all entail? I'm super curious about the nitty gritty of it all.

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Hey Danielle--Papeete is pretty much the only place for repairs and yacht supplies so the boats all end up in the harbour here making various repairs. We only have a few little things to do but are helping a few other boats with their stuff. It's also the place to reprovision for the next leg of things...