May 14, 2010

Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season

The Eastern Pacific Hurricane season starts tomorrow (May 15) and pretty much on schedule the weather report shows a tropical wave has formed. For those who asked, we are indeed spending the summer in a hurricane zone, and as the water heats up (and the season heats up) we'll be making our way north to more protected harbours.

 Historical hurricane tracks-August
This time of year hurricanes don't tend to make it up this way. There have only been two unnamed tropical storms through the area in June. The Baja's earliest Tropical Cyclone was TS Calvine on July 8th, 1993. And the earliest hurricane to make landfall was Hurricane Doreen on August 15, 1977.
 It's September and October we need to watch out for. This is when the water in the Sea has really warmed up and the the jet stream has dropped well down into Baja Sur. By mid-September storm watching will become an important part of our schedule.
The good news (for us) is most hurricane activity happens around Baja Sur. But last year's Hurricane Jimena
reminded us not to take the whole hurricane thing too lightly.

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