May 24, 2010

To Do Mañana…

 Yesterday we headed into town with a list of seven things we needed to do. Then we spent much of the day walking—searching for this and looking for that. But when the day was over our list still had a bunch of things left on it. Plus a few new things we thought of while out.

Part of it’s our own fault. We’re pretty bad at getting going first thing, so by the time we got to town it was lunch time, which meant we needed to stop and eat. And by the time we were done lunch it was nearly time for siesta: that chunk of time from 1-3, or 2-4, or even 11-4:30 when the shops close.

And it was hot, well over 100°F hot, so we had to stop for ice cream and strategize over which order to hit the shops once they opened again. But the thing is, not every shop reopens after siesta. It’s one of those things that depends. On what? I’m not really sure. 

So yesterday we managed three out of the seven things on our list—then we gave up and went to a beachside palapa for margaritas. In the scheme of Mexico, getting almost half a list finished is actually not half bad. But it means we need to head back out today: with four of yesterday’s to do items and three new ones we added.

You see where this is going don’t you? By the time we actually get everything checked off our list we’ll either know every ice cream shop and palapa bar in town, or we’ll just stop caring about getting things done. After all, we can do it mañana...

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