August 29, 2014

Go Cruising - Lose Weight!

It's been a very steady pattern with me. Each time I've left a desk job to go cruising I've lost weight.

Happened in 1995 on our first boat, 2009 when we left Vancouver on the current boat, and again this past few months when we left Brisbane in early July. Now I had been diligently riding my bike, and really watching what I ate in Brisbane, and the kilos were being shed. 

What happens when I don't really watch what I eat, but re-start an active lifestyle? Pulling on halyards, grinding in sheets, lifting the dinghy in the davits almost every day. Walking everywhere, swimming, doing boat chores. It all adds up. Yay me.

 So if you want to lose weight, consider a sailing lifestyle.*

- Evan

* this may not apply to female sailors for some reason (seriously).  Many of them report weight gain when they go cruising.


Anonymous said...

I've seen the same thing. Part of it is that I cook smaller quantities in the galley than I would ashore and so the availability of "seconds" is restricted. I find I don't miss them but the key to success is to avoid having my seconds in the form of beer!

Anonymous said...

Hi from Evita. Got your message on our blog - Graham had mentioned you to us previously. Where are you now? If you are on the same trajectory as us, then we will be vying to be the last of the fleet to leave Aus this year. We are on Magnetic Island now, heading to Cairns tomorrow. Would be good to meet up somewhere along the way. Best wishes and good winds - Ian and the crew.

Diane, Evan, Maia and Charlie the cat said...

Hey Evita,

Anchored in Cairns, just downstream of Marlin Marina. We'll be here for about a week - getting a sail mended, an outboard fixed, etc... Drop by if you see us - look for the happy faces on the daggerboards and the blue/green waves on the hull.