November 11, 2011

Australia Bound--Day two

That last email should have read 430 miles to Bundie. This morning it is 250. We've tied our fastest day ever--which isn't too surprising seems how we've lightened the boat by about 1000 lbs by eating everything.

It's fast, but loud and lumpy out here. The seas remind me of the potato patch off of San Francisco--lumps and bumps from every which way with no rhyme or reason. Everyone is in giddy good spirits though. This morning we took fantasy breakfast orders--Ev wanted eggs Florentine, I wanted a dungeness crab omelet with farm cheese, Maia wanted so many different things she decided that the only solution was to head to a Fairmont hotel for the breakfast buffet. She figured that while we were there for breaky that maybe we could take a suite so she could sleep between crisp sheets and then have a long bubble bath.

We all made due with stale cereal.

We're all compiling our lists of 'things to do when we get to Australia'. Ev needs new shoes. Maia needs a haircut. I want a frothy latte and an hour or two of fast internet. And phone time. I want to talk on a phone. Maia wants to wander through a library or a bookstore and Ev wants to hit a hardware store--not necessarily to buy stuff yet, but just to reassure himself that he can. I want berries--juicy fresh berries. And spinach. And sparkling wine-maybe a sparkling pinot noir. Maia wants flaky croissants and baked goods that taste as good as they look.

We can see Karynia, Lorabeck and Discovery and saw one or the other all night long. Behind us are Connect 4 and a few other boats. Waiting in Bundie are WGD, Catachaos and more. Our thoughts are fully switched to going forward now.

S 22 00
E 155 56
253 to Bundie

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