October 1, 2011

Fireworks on the Beach

"The water is blue again!" Maia called from the bow, "Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?"
There wasn't much wind, but we raised our new main anyway, just to gaze at the crisp white fabric. Then I pointed out two reefs I saw, and Evan admired the little islands. We all grinned at each other. Somehow after doing this for two years we're still giddy with joy when we get underway.
our lovely new Island Planet sail

 Threading our way through reefs we passed the islet where Tom Hanks was Castaway. Then we went a little further-arriving at isolated and pristine Vanua Levu-a stunningly gorgeous anchorage made up of three small rocky islets with stretches of empty beach and that's surrounded by reefs. On the way in we strayed from the channel and grazed the edge of one reef, and although the coral was 30' below I could make out the detail on the fan coral.
 When Steve from Connect 4 had called us earlier to make plans where to meet he let us know this might be a great place to have a bonfire on the beach-if we could get through the reef that surrounds the island. As we set our anchor and went for a swim-they looked for a beach landing-working their way down the sort of white sand beach that occupies winter daydreams until they found a calm place we could get our dinghys ashore.
Our surf landing was textbook and soon the snacks were out, the wine was open and the bonfire roaring. The kids wandered deep into the island-playing Robinson Crusoe or, given the family connection, Alexander Selkirk. When it was dark it was time for fireworks.
We lit them with sparklers and backed off as they boomed and whistled into the sky, adding more stars to an already starry night. And adding a hint of celebration to a day that was steeped in gratitude.
Can you believe it? We're in Fiji, man.
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Victoria said...

I picked up a book from the library and wondered if Alexander Selkirk was a relative. Is it true?

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

According to a family member who did our family tree to way back. I know the original Selkirks who came to Canada came from the same county in Scotland--so it seems like there is likely some relation.