August 2, 2011

Enroute to the Cooks

We left Bora Bora yesterday. Just a few weeks after we thought we'd leave. It's easy to understand how boats fall further and further behind on this trip. Fortunately we're meeting friends in Fiji in a couple of weeks--while this means we've cut out part of the trip through the Cooks and will have a shorter time in Tonga--it means we'll be relaxed and unrushed for the second half of the trip.

The seas are lumpy and confused but we had a good night's run--averaging 7 knots. Now though the wind has swung round to come from behind and we've slowed to six. We're still hoping to make Aitutaki on Thursday--before another low rolls through. This passage--and even more so the one that comes next--to Tonga--is considered one of the tougher, more dangerous crossings on the journey. The weather can be less predictable and the squalls a little squallier.

So this means that all the boats tend to congregate and wait for the right window. And when we leave we leave en mass--which is how it is that I have two boats (Salamander and Finnish Line in my sights). But this is our first passage without the company of WGD. They and Piko, Britannia and DQ are going to be a day or two behind and may be heading to different islands in the Cooks.

Or time in Bora Bora was nice--I had an amazing massage at the Pearl Resort and spent bonus time with the DQ family. We were set to pull out on Sunday and were having a goodbye breakfast with DQ when our three buddy boats called to say they were arriving. We decided to stay (must say the squally weather helped us decide)and spent the evening reminiscing over our three months.

We were equally divided over which set of islands we loved the most (although Tahanea in the Tuamotus figured as the best day we all spent). All three sets of islands had a lot to offer and we loved them all differently.
Staring at a screen in bumpy conditions is bringing on my ever-lurking seasickness so it's time to go and start dreaming about what comes next.

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dennis said...

I wish you fair winds on this most difficult passage!