May 19, 2011

Moving On

 If things go as planned (bwahahahaha—I’m laughing at that too…) we should be departing Nuku Hiva in just a few days. We have a new-to-us outboard. There were two for sale on the island, but only one was running. And because we already own the type that doesn’t run, we thought it was time to spend some money on the other kind…

We also have it on good authority that our new rudder is jetting toward us from Tahiti. We even paid extra money to be sure it got on the plane, instead of languishing at the airport until someone to pity on it and sent it our way. So if it does arrive today, and it was built to plan, and we can find the welder, and he can get it welded tomorrow, we should be able to fit it to the boat by Saturday. Which means we will be able to leave.

I have to admit I’ve started to empathize a little too closely with Herman Melville in his true story called Typee. In 1842 Melville deserted from a nasty whaling ship, hiked over the mountains and took refuge with a tribe over in Taipivai. While he enjoyed his exotic new lifestyle (and made the most of every moment, despite a severe leg injury) he felt somewhat trapped on the island, especially because he no obvious means of escape.

I’m at the point in the book where he’s still certain he will get off the island, eventually, maybe, someday he just doesn’t know how or when…But like Melville, we’re doing our best to enjoy each moment (I can here the snickers from you folks in the office cubicles, “sure, making do in the Marquesas, sounds rough.”)

adventuring with WGD
 While we wait we’ve been hiking, snorkelling and exploring, as well as trying to rid our boat of bugs and mildew. (See? There is a downside to paradise.) I know it’s really humid and hot here but I seriously can not understand how these nasty little ecosystems can crop up so quickly. We had 3 bags of flour mildew on us and the rest developed bugs (we are currently flourless…). I’m very much regretting that we never took WGD up on their offer to use their vacuum sealer—and if I were to do this again I’d make more of an effort to seal stuff.

The plan now is to ready ourselves for the passage to the Tuamotus. Because like Melville; we have faith in our eventual escape. The to-do list includes picking up more fuel and provisions, getting a few final chores out of the way and finishing Typee. I’m slightly nervous though—what if he never does escape?


Anonymous said...

Here I was thinking one of the requirements to being a cruiser was to sift the bugs out of your flower every time you need to use it.

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

It's a critical mass thing--when they look like they may over run the flour, it's time to upgrade...