February 10, 2011

VHF Net Control Script

Okay--this is a bit dull. But as far as useful-stuff-cruisers-sometimes-need-to-put-their-hands-on a Net Control Script is one.

In almost any place cruisers congregate the morning net is an essential part of the day. It's a combination coffee klatch / radio show, which includes pertinent details including where to find stuff, what’s going on around town, and what day it is. Seriously, there have been many days where the “is it Monday or Wednesday?” argument has been settled by the morning net…

The radio nets are run by whoever is willing to volunteer—in places where there’s a long term community the role typically rotates through a regular group. But when you hit the more transient communities (such as Barra) it helps if everyone takes a swing at the job now and again. The problem is in knowing what to say. Evan winged it on his first go-round, but then I hunted down the ‘official’ script:

Net Controllers Cheat Sheet

    *  Good morning and welcome to the Gold Coast Cruisers’ Net covering Barra de Navidad, Melaque, and Tenacatita. Everyone please switch to high power as we listen for any emergency, medical or priority traffic …
    *  This is [your name] aboard the sailing vessel/motor vessel [boats name] along with [name of others aboard].  Today is [day of week, date].
    *  This net meets Monday through Saturday at 9 AM local time. This is a controlled net.  When you come to the net, please give your boat name only and wait to be recognized by net control.
    *  Do we have any new arrivals? Please tell us about yourself, give us the story: who’s on board, where are you from and a little bit about your plans.
    *  Do we have departures? Anyone leaving the area today or underway?
    *  All right let’s go ahead with check-ins, come with your boat name and I will repeat it you know you’ve been heard. Let’s start with [area].  [Tenacatita], [Barra lagoon], [Isla Navidad & Cabo Blanco Marinas], [Melaque].
    *  Any land based check-ins? Come now.
    *  Any other check-ins within the sound of my voice, come now    [Give a rough count of the total number of check-ins].
    *   Does anyone have the tides and weather this morning
    *   Mail Call. Are there any vessels holding mail for another vessel, or is there anyone who can carry flat stamped mail to Canada or the U.S.?
    *   Crew Positions. Anyone needing crew or is there anyone wanting find a crew position?
    *   Lost and Found. Anyone lose or find anything?
    *   Let’s move on the General announcements. 
    *   Local assistance wanted or offered.
    *   Treasures of the bilge. Anyone have anything to swap of trade?
    *    Is there anything I forgot or you would like to back up to?  Anything else for the net? That’s the end of the Cruisers net for today.  Please remember to switch back to low power. Thanks everyone and the will be [Boat’s Name] clear.

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Steve and Lulu said...

This is good. Maybe you could convert the script to a pdf or doc format and post it in the files of the southbound yahoo group.