August 11, 2009


There are lots of things that can disturb a deep and peaceful sleep on a boat: Changes in motion, rising wind, engine noise that sounds like you are about to be run over by a very large truck…
The large truck wakes us every time.
First we contemplate whether the island we’re anchored off of has an 8-lane freeway we failed to notice, then we wonder if we dragged up near it. It’s when we poke our head out the hatch when we realize the noise is a float plane – which is coming directly at us.
It took a bit to get used to this. There is something a bit unnerving about staring directly into a propeller; a feeling that hasn’t improved despite the fact that we have the experience multiple times a day. Pretty much any quiet harbour doubles as an airport up here and inevitably we seem to always anchor right in the middle of the runway.


Barnacle C said...

congratulations on setting sail! We have just read your blog on the internet using our netbook and a sierra wireless 881 simcard modem in our saloon, at anchor off an island, 10 miles off the Sarawak coast - so it does work!

Your descriptions of Desolation Sound bring back happy memories.

Looki g forward to sharing an anchorage again one of these days!

John & Jane & Barnacle C

Diane, Evan and Maia said...

Great to hear from you and thanks for the info. We'll have to look into that method too.
Looking forward to seeing you somewhere someday.