July 20, 2006


It’s been a year since we hauled out and chopped up the boat. Progress has been steady and expensive (but thanks to ebay we're still below budget.)

Ev is taking the week off to work on the boat and I gave up the glamour of the writing life for a few days and got dusty and dirty too.

We decided that our goal of being sailable by September was stupid. The boat may be ready to go out by then, but the amount of work needed to clean her up and drag all of our belongings out of the lockers and bilges makes the idea very unappealing. I would rather go hiking - and save unpacking and cleaning the boat until it is completely finished.

We are also rapidly moving into detail work. There are very few large holes left to chop in the boat - so after the hatches are in it is time to work on the finishing details. Ev’s been fairing for weeks and looks forward to painting the cabin. I want to make curtains but I think installing the scuba compressor (yay! Ev came up with an ideal place), hooking up the engine, redoing the rigging, building a table, ripping out the galley etc need to come first. Ev suggested the fun home project of building an 18' sea anchor to ward off writer's block though...

Windows Windows!

We have windows. And hatches. After agonizing over the shape we drew them on yesterday and made the cut. It sure changes her appearance. Ev and I will attach the windows this weekend. The view from the forward salon seats is awesome.

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Lynne W. said...

Wow ... it's a palace.... that floats!
Awesome work Ev. :)