August 5, 2005


The boat is back in the water, on time and on budget. How rare is that for a boat?

I had the pleasure of standing on the side of the river, while she chugged by, an hour late, spewing black smoke.

Aside, from the fact she looked like her engine was on fire, I got to admire the lines of the cabin from a better angle. We hadn't been thrilled with the look, from the ground, while on the hard. But across the water the cabin lost all its boxiness and looked fairly sleek. (We'll do some pictures from that vantage next week.)

The engine problems were actually propellor problems. Ev set the pitch wrong on the prop, and also got the rotation wrong, but countered this by hooking the controls up backwards. The result was they ran it in reverse at a 1000 rpm for the trip down the river.

Fortunately, we have a nice bank for beaching her on across the river from our dock and the repair is minor.

We're now off, later today, for a boatless weekend of R&R.

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